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A decentralised, digital, cryptographically secure asset is part of the underlying premise of Bitcoin. Decentralisation means there are no banks or middlemen because the asset is trustless. Ie. there' s no third party who must be trusted in order to manage it. This gives you complete control over your assets. Understanding how to achieve this self-management is Anabloc's goal.

In our seminars you will learn about the technology tools you need to start, how to keep your crypto safe, getting in the market, making transactions, tracking the market, understanding indicators, managing your portfolio, different blockchains, legislation and more.

Please note: We are not financial advisors and do not offer investment advice. Any mention of specific cryptocurrencies does not imply their endorsement, nor that you should invest in them. There are over 6000 cryptocurrencies and while there is huge potential in this market, as with any investments there can be uncertainty and risk.

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