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The cryptocurrency market is growing fast but is still small compared to other asset classes. Entering the cryptocurrency market now offers the potential for good returns. One could say it is akin to where the internet was at the end of the 1990’s. On average Bitcoin has grown in value 200% a year since it was born.


As much as being a new digital asset class, the cryptocurrency space is also at the frontier of new emerging technology, including the decentralised web and blockchain. There are also many very interesting 'alt coin' projects showing great disruptive potential such as DeFi - decentralised finance.

Bitcoin specifically is a store of value - considered digital gold. Because there will only ever be a limited supply of 21 million bitcoins, it is anti-inflationary. Compare this to our current situation where money printing presses are working overtime exposing us to the risks of runaway price inflation and the erosion of our purchasing power.

Unlike gold, Bitcoin is easily transportable, divisible and trade-able as well as being cryptographically secure across a distributed ledger. With crypto, you are in total control of your own assets. It offers security, privacy, it is ‘bail-in’ proof and very resilient to fiat currency fluctuations. It is considered by experts to be sound money

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